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You will feel pain relief, control over your symptoms, and a renewed vigor to do the things you love with the:

– support of hands-on care

– movement strategies to take control of your pain/tension/symptoms

– understanding how pain works

Touch is a basic human need that we often feel deprived of as we get older. It’s a social form of communication, if used therapeutically, releases ‘happy chemicals’ which makes us feel pleasant, comforted, and relaxed.

Informed and caring touch relieves stress, improves mood, enhances embodiment and effectively alleviates pain.

It’s important to understand what your attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors are in response to pain.

Understanding how and why your pain persists is an effective way to help you gain control over it.

No anxiety, fear, avoidance of movement. Just efficient pain management.

rolfing nyc offers autonomy over painWorking together to guide, educate, and quicken your recovery process so you have the confidence to deal and manage your symptoms on your own.

Being your own pain management specialist and growing your self-care toolbox will grant you autonomy over the uncertainties of pain.

“My posture is noticeably better. I feel more aware of how I nurture myself…”

After having foot surgery and having constant right wrist pain, I’m so grateful I found Minki. Two different doctors said that I would need right wrist surgery, but after the Structural Integration 10 series, I’m proud to say I’m pain free and working as a stenographer five days a week without an issue. My foot was extremely stiff and my balance completely off, and again after the series, I’m back to running 5ks and feel balanced on my feet. My posture is noticeably better. I feel more aware of how I nurture myself daily and not abuse myself physically.

Thank you so much Minki for transforming this what I thought was a beaten up body into something new. Especially thankful that I didn’t need to undergo another surgery!

Ada Coonerty, Court Stenographer

“Minki’s Rolfing work has helped to unravel some of the longstanding tension and pain in my back muscles.”

Minki Kim is a thorough, attentive and effective Structural Integration practitioner. I have suffered from scoliosis since a young age, resulting in a lifetime of imbalance and pain in my body.

Minki’s rolfing work has helped to unravel some of the longstanding tension and pain in my back muscles and elsewhere.

Perhaps more important is that he helped to greatly raise my awareness of the condition of my different muscle groups and how they operate together, enhancing my ability to pinpoint and repair the correct muscle groups. In addition, he takes time at the end of each session to work on improving the mechanics of your every day bodily actions such as standing, sitting, getting up from a chair, walking, etc. He brings everything together with a personal, caring approach that delivers a focused and well thought out regimen to properly align the body and reduce pain.

Justin Reid

Take control of your pain

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