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About Minki Kim

I'm Minki Kim - Keeping you 'in-the-know' by offering continued support and empowerment on sustaining your radiant health and well-being. I am here to educate and provide easy-to-implement preventative tips, tools, news, etc. during and after your Structural Integration 10-Series. Your long-term health is a matter of practicing healthier habits to keep you pain-free, out of the doctor's office, at peace in both mind and body, and to enhance your lifestyle.

Simple Contact Workshop by Barrett Dorko, PT – NYC, 9/15

Manually Managing People in Pain: A workshop presented by Barrett L. Dorko, P.T. New York City September 12-13, 2015. 9AM – 4:30PM This two-day lecture and hands-on practicum includes what Barrett has come to understand about manual care the past 40 years. It is neither basic or advanced, but simply a presentation of relevant [...]

Nocebo – The Contagious Thought that Can Kill You

(Getty Images) To die, sometimes you need only believe you are ill, and as David Robson discovers, we can unwittingly ‘catch’ such fears, often with terrifying consequences. Beware the scaremongers. Like a witch doctor’s spell, their words might be spreading modern plagues. It’s a consistent phenomenon, but medicine has never really dealt with it — [...]

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Touch as Nutrition

Touch could properly be regarded as a form of nutrition. We mistakenly think that touch occurs on the periphery of our self, a skin thing. But truthfully each surface stimulus travels far into the most hidden interior landscapes of our self, traversing long nerve cells right through the buried spinal core to enter and gather [...]

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Can Gratitude Make You Feel Better?

Being grateful can help you: – Increase optimism and reduces negativity – Relieve stress. Since stress can make pain worse, anything that relieves stress can also relieve some of the negative health effects that stress causes. – Boost your immune system. Gratitude can lead to increased optimism, which has been shown to improve immune function. [...]

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Living With Pain: Chronic Pain Acceptance

You may have heard the term “chronic pain acceptance”.  At first, it may sound a little sad – as though you are being asked to simply give up. But that is not what is meant by the term. It has more to do with moving on from the struggle, the fight, and frustration of trying [...]

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