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A Definition of Structural Integration aka Rolf Technique

Structural Integration's main goal is to balance the human form with the Earth's gravitational field. In other words, we're taking the body from a contracted, confused state to an open, balanced state.

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What Exactly is Structural Integration?

Ever wonder what the Rolf Method of Structural Integration is? How it works? Allow some Structural Integration practitioners at the 2010 International Association of Structural Integrators (IASI) Symposium to explain. Hope this clears it up for you...

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The Human Body Is A Tensegrity Structure

As I've said in earlier posts, bones and muscle are not responsible for holding our structure and shape. For convenience's sake, it is easier to perceive ideas in an easier, digestible manner so we can assert some order and logic in the world around us. The simpler and more inaccurate way to look at the human body is to compare it to the architecture of buildings. The framework of buildings is composed of steel beams welded and bolted together. This [...]

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Can You ‘Fix’ Pain?

'I just want this pain to go away now!!!' 'I have this nagging shoulder tension that bothers me all the time.... can you fix it?' 'Whenever my chronic knee pain flares up, I just pop some Advil and wait till it goes away.' These are comments often heard from clients when it comes to their bodies and how they deal with pain, [...]

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The Investing Layers of Fascia

  The layers we are concerned about in the bodywork sense are the superficial and deep layers of fascia. For comprehension purposes, it is easier to perceive and study these layers as separated within the body, but remember they are all interconnected, and anatomically, the layers are difficult to distinguish from one another. There is no space between the layers and filled with fascia. Superficial Layer (The Sleeve) The superficial layer is right [...]

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