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Pain Education

Poor sleep lowers pain tolerance

It's clear that sleep issues and chronic pain are major public health concerns. The relationship between sleep issues and pain are complex to say the least. Do sleep issues bring on pain sensitivity? Does pain lend itself to more sleep issues? There's a link between sleep issues bringing about increased sensitivity than vice versa.  There [...]

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Does Weather Influence Pain?

  Do your knees ache when the weather changes? Does your big toe throb when it starts raining? It's as if your pain can detect changes in weather such as barometric pressure, humidity, and rainfall. Well, the study I'm about to reference proposes there are no associations with changes in weather and an increase in [...]

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Does having chronic lower back pain mean something’s wrong there?

People feel better about their chronic lower back pain with exercise therapy despite any changes in physical function/performance (i.e., strength, range of motion, muscular endurance). So what's happening here? Other possible explanations for positive outcomes are due to changes in the brain and how our body maps are represented, and the support offered by a [...]

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That hurts so good…

'That hurts so good...' 'Do your worst!' 'If it means that I'll feel better, I'll deal with as much as pain as you dish out' All very common statements that I get in my practice. Lots of folks want painful bodywork when they come in complaining about tight/sore/tender spots. They think what's causing these spots [...]

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Can We Predict the Factors that Lead to Chronic Lower Back Pain?

In a systematic review (a study that reviews other reviews to make sense of a large group of data), researchers looked for helpful predictors for people who go on to deal with persisting lower back pain. Of the things they’ve delved into, which factors do you think influenced a person from an acute back pain [...]

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