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Back pain coverage in the media has been pleasantly accurate

There have been a series of recent papers written by a team of leading researchers on lower back pain on I highly recommend taking some time to read these 3 papers here. Who has time to read stuffy white papers with a bunch of scientific jargon in it? Well, good question. If you're armed [...]

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One leg is shorter than the other

  Often times, clients come in my door and claim they have 'one leg that's shorter than the other.' Or they say some health professional attributes the shorter leg to create all types of postural asymmetries and therefore, they have pain. I'm not arguing it can contribute to someone's pain presentation but how about other [...]

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The Truth about Static Stretching

  WHEN DUANE KNUDSON, a professor of kinesiology at California State University, Chico, looks around campus at athletes warming up before practice, he sees one dangerous mistake after another. “They’re stretching, touching their toes. . . . ” He sighs. “It’s discouraging.” If you’re like most of us, you were taught the importance of warm-up [...]

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How Your Workouts Rewires Your Brain

I'd like to add to this article the reason(s) I think mind/body exercises work so well for clients are the inward focus, curiosity, novelty, and play that's involved in their practice(s). The practice of choice can be tai chi, yoga, Feldenkrais, Hanna Somatics, etc.  Bottom line: If your brain is engaged in your exercise/preferred activity, [...]

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