The Rolfing Method

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You are most likely seeking Rolfing Structural Integration to relieve your stress and pain. Together, you and I will collaborate to determine your goals for this experience and to craft a strategy aimed at significantly reducing your chronic symptoms, refining your pain coping behavior, and ultimately getting you feeling well, healthy, and robust again.

Since pain is such a subjective experience, it’s important to take a well-rounded approach in dealing with it. My approach employs a range of current techniques that address pain issues both bottom-up (through the use of therapeutic touch and easy, simple movement practices) and top-down (by focusing on education of why and how pain works to better understand the healing process, therefore offering reassurance and control of your pain situation).

This strategy is the most efficient path to feeling healthy and well again. Better yet, you’ll grow to become your own pain advocate who’ll confidently be able to manage your pain on your own.

That way you’ll go on to feel:

  • Belief and optimism in your abilities
  • Confidence and in control of your pain situation
  • Less stress and more joy and satisfaction in life
  • More motivation to carry on in your day-to-day
  • Pleasure in movement and living in your body
  • Resiliency in coping adaptively to your pain

Take control of your pain

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