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From early in my life, I’ve had an inclination towards helping people. Many friends say they cherish their relationship with me since I have an innate willingness to listen with sympathy and without judgment. Friends and family always remark that they are truly seen and can be themselves around me. My clients tell me this honesty, patience, and calmness easily fosters trust and effortless rapport, and these characteristics have shaped my approach to being a therapist and facilitating positive outcomes with clients.

After studying psychology at SUNY Binghamton, I worked in the social service arena before pursuing manual therapy so I could support people in a direct and personal manner. Marrying my passion for human anatomy and biomechanics with my core nurturing abilities, I became a Structural Integration practitioner, establishing my practice in 2010.

Biomechanics is an important element of my work, but I recognize the physical form is just one piece of the pain puzzle. I’m committed to client-centered therapy and I understand there are a myriad of factors that contribute to physical pain and discomfort. My approach takes the whole person (i.e., body, mind, and environment) into account, combining manual therapy with cutting edge neuroscience, psychology, pain and touch science.

My Mission

There are lots of approaches out there that help a person find balance or control over pain. I am not debating that any approach does not work but some explanations are misleading, disempowering, or just plain false.

Some things I hear are:

a) ‘Myofascial release is better than massage.’

b) ‘I’ve been told I have pain because I’m misaligned all over my body’. Or ‘My MRI shows all sorts of damage in my shoulder/lower back/knee so I shouldn’t move.’

c) ‘I have adhesions that need breaking up in my connective tissue.’

d) ‘My core is weak. Glutes are not firing right.’

I’ve been guilty of attributing these reasons for clients’ pain as well. I want to right my wrongs. I’m here to clear up the confusion and offer an honest, rational, and evidence-based approach so you get to live your life fully, wholly, and healthily.

I commit to staying abreast on strong, reliable evidence to inform my clinical approach. The pain science field has been exploding in the past twenty years and we know far more than we’ve known about pain and how it occurs. We’re learning all the constituent parts of human consciousness which influence how one feels pain in any given moment.

I strive to keep up on these developments in service of empowering you to become your own healthcare manager by maximizing your ‘health reserves’ by offering you healthy opinions/beliefs about your body, movement strategies to deal effectively with pain/symptoms, and comforting touch to calm symptoms down.


  • Certified Rolfing Structural Integration Practitioner – Graduate of NEWSSI (New School of Structural Integration)
  • DermoNeuroModulation (DNM) Practitioner
  • Member of IASI (International Association of Structural Integrators)
  • Bachelor of Arts, SUNY Binghamton, Psychology
  • 8 years of continuing studies in Rolfing Structural Integration, manual therapy, neuroscience, osteopathy, psychology/counseling, and pain education.

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