Here is an infographic on working smarter, not harder at your job. It offers some neat mental tricks to keep you feeling efficient with tasks and improving the quality of your work.

All too often, my clients come in the door never looking forward to their office jobs and express dissatisfaction. I ask to see how this thought pattern influences other aspects of their lives – family, relationships, social spheres, etc – and have them acknowledge the cascading effect it has on every other aspect. Simply being aware of this repetitive behavior can motivate clients to be more mindful of their attitudes, and the suffering it may cause him/her and those close to them.

And if you already love your job, you’re already more than half way there as far as leading a life you enjoy. Enjoying your life has a positive, nourishing psychological effect on our minds and bodies. If work and love cannot make it onto the same sentence for you, these tips may help with making your job easier to handle. If we learn to moderate our stress, we’ll feel less physical tension and pain.

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